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 GS-35B DT.... 120 VOLT Small Model Desktop  - Product Image
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GS-35B DT.... 120 VOLT Small Model Desktop

NOW GS-35B TUBE Test full output ALSO HAS A NEW HEAVY DUTY 1/2+ AMP POWER TRANSFORMER SURGE TO 1 AMP. HAS INPUT AND OUTPUT TUNING. bias diode voltage dropping assembly, The assembly is used in For CT circuit of the RF chassis to set bias to the tubes. This adjusts the resting current of the amplifier and sets the class of operation. This amp is ran on 120 volts AC with a 20 amp of draw. 20 watts key and 200 watts peak input drive MAX ! gave me 650+ watts RMS and 2500 + peak watts....BIG AUDIO. I have heard of others driving more watts in to this model of amp and seen more watts but that is all up to you.

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