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BIG 3CX3000A7 ... 10Kw Plus. Call for more information  - Product Image

BIG 3CX3000A7 ... 10Kw Plus. Call for more information

3CX3000A7 The Big mauldropper. THIS IS A 3CX3000A7 + CONSOLE UNIT. Output power 10KW + watts..300 watts bird and 1000 peak will give you 10,000+ peak output Tube - 3CX3000 Tube used test full power output.Transmit/Receive switching 60 + Amps open Vacuum relay Power-line requirements 200/240 Vac 50/60 HZ 50+ or - Amps at 240 Vac Power Supply Heavy duty 3 peak amp steel core transformer and high capacitance grade filter capacitor, also features time delay starting to protect the tube from over current load. "Soft Start-

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